Der Erasmus + Leherkurs findet in London, Worthing und Dublin statt.

Course Objectives

Our courses are intended for English language teachers or teachers of other subjects who wish to refresh and expand their language skills and/or analyse, discuss and practise different teaching approaches and methods. The courses provide opportunities for discussion and the sharing of ideas with colleagues from different European countries. Our sessions are practical rather than theoretical and involve a variety of workshop and communicative formats.
We take a dynamic approach to both the methodology components and the language development components of our courses. We deliver our sessions through an eclectic mix of active lesson type classes and workshops. Our aim being that the participants can take everything they do in the sessions and apply it to their own learners and classrooms. We also focus on the use of grammar and vocabulary in context through a variety of ways, such as pair work, group work, class activities etc. We provide all the course material. The participants should have a vast supply of new material taken from various ELT books, authentic material and their colleagues when returning home

Aims at CES

• To provide a learning environment that respects and values participants’ experience as teachers.
• To raise awareness of participants’ preferred teaching methods and styles through discussions and workshops.
• To share ideas and activities aimed at making our classrooms more interactive, communicative, creative and autonomous.
• To stimulate discussion, challenge ideas and provide an environment that allows teachers the time and space to think about their own professional development
• To broaden understanding of the link between language and culture
• To provide opportunities for participants to improve their own language skills.

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